About CorelElements:

Welcome to Corelelements!
Corelelements is aimed at training, trading and testing.
Corelelements provides training in CorelDRAW through various courses as well as workshops. It brings a wide range of graphics related quality products that the industries world over look for.
Today, Corelelements is proud to count among its many satisfied customers, reputed companies such as:
Sakal Papers, Samanvay Communications, Setu Advertising, Quiksel Communications, Pravin Masalewale, Samanvay Communications, D G Copiers, United Multicolours, AFMC, Avail Advertising, Amol Associates and many more.

CorelDRAW Experts:

• CorelElements is headed by Anand Dixit, a member of Advisory Council as well as Worldwide panel of Beta Testers for CorelDRAW Graphics   Suite.
• Anand has been in advertising industry for over 22 years and has created over 4000 artworks that include brochures, leaflets, packaging,   point of purchase materials etc.
• He has wide experience & certified knowledge of various pre-press, printing & post printing processes.
• He is an active member of Corel Corporation’s official website - www.coreldraw.com
• Anand has contributed his knowledge by writing articles on special features of CorelDRAW for an American Web Magazine.

CorelDRAW Training Partners:

• CorelElements is a Strategic Corel Training Partner in India.
• CorelElements conducts CorelDRAW workshops for CorelDRAW users (Commercial artists, Prepress operators etc.) allover India.
• Anand is a visiting faculty/Guest lecturer for Graphic Art in renowned educational institutes in Pune.
• Various courses are offered for learning CorelDRAW and Corel PhotoPaint at CorelElements.
• Specific Training modules (as per the ad agency’s requirement) are arranged for the users at the concerned agency’s place.
• Today, Anand has the proud distinction of having trained and helped over 2500 people through his various training sessions, courses,   workshops and speeches.
• CorelElements is an Online examination center for International certification from Corel corporation,Canada.


• CorelElements is an authorised Value Added Reseller for Corel Products in Pune region.
• CorelElements is known for its reliable sale service as well as unique after sale support.