Course Highlights:

• Exclusive CorelDRAW Certificate courses
• Learning on the latest, authentic and licenced versions
• Learning from the only authorised Strategic Training Partner in India for CorelDRAW Assistance in placement
• Special morning/evening batches for working people - (For Intermediate Certificate course)

Elementary Level (60 Hrs):

Who should enroll for this course?
• Art students, Printing Technology Students and anyone   with the urge to learn Computer Graphics


Section 1:
• About Digital Graphics - Text/Vector/Bitmaps
• Setting and maintaining your computer for optimum results
• Things you should know before you learn CorelDRAW

Section 2:
• What to expect from CorelDRAW
• Installing CorelDRAW
• Introduction to CorelDRAW Tools
• Concept of Defaults
• About importing and exporting files
• Linking Vs Embedding files

Section 3:
• Working with text in CorelDRAW
• Creating and editing Vector Drawings
• Introduction to Scanning of Images
• Working on Images(Bitmaps)
• Applying Effects

Section 4:
• Introduction to Printing processes
• Deciding and setting up page sizes for printing
• Working with Layouts
• Setting up your artworks

Section 5:
• Creating PDF files
• Offset Printing requirements and CorelDRAW
• Screen Printing requirements and CorelDRAW
• Large format printing requirements and CorelDRAW
• RGB Vs CMYK and CMYK Vs Spot Colours
• Preparing your file for printing
• Making your file trouble free for printing
• Introduction to Colours and Management in CorelDRAW
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