Split files to avoid file corruption

Unfortunately, if the file is heavily corrupted, there will be no way to open it. Most of the calls I get are for the files of size more than 1GB.

Remember that the CDR format is a compressed format. It means a compressed file that shows 1GB size can open up to become about 2 to 3 times larger or even more some times i.e. 3 GB or more. Now just think of the capacity of your PC with about 2 to 4 GB of RAM and imagine how heavy the file will be for it to handle.

So keep your files in manageable sizes. This would really depend on job to job basis and may differ from machine to machine. To bring it down to standards, I can suggest :

• Do not use Super Hi-Res images i.e. over 300 DPI for Same size   outputs
• Avoid use of unnecessary Power clips, Excessive use of live effects   like perspective, lens, transparencies.
• Avoid using too many fonts in a job/file
• Split the pages into number of files and assemble it at the time of   printing/outputing
• Try linking images instead of embedding - Keep your Auto Save   option on and make it a habit to save the files frequently. This has   saved me many times.