Why does my CorelDRAW close abruptly ?

The major role in such errors is played by the fonts installed on the machine.

Try finding out the number of fonts that have not been used for last ‘whole year’. I am sure it would go above 80% in most case. The recommended number of installed fonts is about 200 -300. You can safely keep the font files but do not install. Corel Suite comes with Bitstream Font Navigator. It allows the user to manage fonts easily.

Fonts are shared files and are handled by the OS and not by the application. It is the OS limitation to handle the fonts efficiently. More the number of fonts more the issues with the system.

Since X6, the entire text engines have changed. Full OTF support is added to the application. So it is more sensitive than earlier versions. It would have issues with any type of corruption (even minor) with the fonts. So this should not be compared with the earlier versions. Even if you are using 1-2 fonts in the file, Corel has to keep track of all installed fonts to check if the font is used in the file or not. The corruption in the font may not be checked in X5 and hence may not give you any visible problems. However it does not mean the font is non corrupted. Most of the free fonts will have limitations set for the use.

It is strongly recommended to use the fonts supplied by Corel with the suite which are well tested. The number of fonts supplied is about 1000 which are more than sufficient IMO.